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obb-3d-leftOf Brine & Blood

Book 1 of the Brine Series – Read Now!

Kitrina Harvey knows that a woman, or more accurately in her case a girl, would never be granted passage on a ship. In 17th century England, a woman’s purpose is only served in a home. But Kit doesn’t have a home and the only place she feels will keep the memory of her father alive, is at sea. However, when she inexplicably finds herself on the ship of the infamous female pirate captain, Charlotte de Berry, she may have counted her good fortune too soon.

While Kit might have found a family among the motley crew of outlaws, and perhaps even a special interest in a particular pirate named Gage, is she ready to be a pirate herself? Can she kill to preserve the only home that she has known in the last two years?

Kit must ask herself what she is willing to do to please the Pirate Captain, made even more complicated when she finds out that her life is much more entangled in Charlotte’s than she originally believed.

Can she kill even when she discovers that she and Charlotte share a common enemy?


Of Brine and Blood has been described as ‘gripping’ and a ‘fantastic historical novel for the modern day reader’. Set atop the planks of the great Athena, it is a fictionalized retelling of one of history’s infamous female pirates, through the eyes of a girl coming of age amongst the contrasting themes of love, revenge and power. Liberally sensationalized, Of Blood and Brine, follows the twisting path of Kitrina Harvey’s life, as she recounts Captain Charlotte de Berry’s own story of love, loss and murder.




Of Bitter and BrineOf Bitter & Brine

Book 2 of the Brine Series – Read Now!

Upon reaching land, the crew scattered, including Narraway’s men. At that time, I had willed myself to believe that it was over, though nothing had been concluded.

It was not until the first body washed up on shore, three months prior, that I knew more than just the nagging suspicions that this was not over, would never rest.

With the members of Charlotte’s former crew being stalked like prey, Kitrina Harvey can no longer ignore the feud she resolved to let sink to the bottom of the ocean. Armed only with the pistols that signify her captainship, and the debilitating weight of her responsibility, Kit must now become the hunter; the hunter of the relic, and the hunter of Captain Robert Narraway.



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Brine the BeginningBrine: The Beginning

Book 3 of the Brine Series